Lomo Instant Wide Modification

I have been working on this Lomo’ Instant Wide – Magician edition for awhile and just released officially today in Lomography magazine. If you are interested to get one, please feel free to leave a message in this blog. 🙂

It provides an answer to something that people keep asking about. Is it possible to modify a Lomo’ Instant Wide? How to enhance the picture quality of the Lomography camera? It uses again a vintage lens that enhances the photo quality to our golden film era. It also brings a lot of fun and excitement to the instant photography. It frees the photographer from the prison of the automatic shooting mode. It enables him to decide what’s the optimised settings to shoot under particular situation, and every situation can be different. It puts the control back to the photographer.

I truly feel that after we got a taste of the convenience from modern technology, like in digital photography, online shopping, meal delivery, video on demand, instant messaging, we will reach a point that we start to treasure the “real life experience” that we have before these technological advancement.

We will turn to treasure the face to face interaction and conversation with our friends, the joy of walking into your favourite shops, the dining experience in the local restaurants. The joy of film photography is no different. The process of composing a picture, determining exposures, and the intense moment of trigger the shutter all makes the photo talking more memorable.
This is the camera designed for human. Feel free to take a look of the Lomography interview and the video demonstrations.

Sample pictures

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Instax Mini 70 modification

It is a new adaption of my modification of Instax mini camera. It uses a prime lens 75mm F3.5 that I extracted from a Ross London 1620 camera. The excellent optics and 75mm view made it an ideal lens for this camera. This vintage is perfectly fit to the classy outlook of the Instax Mini 70 camera. I particularly like the metallic tone of the camera which resembles our mental image of the faded era.





This legendary lens is a manual lens. It means that you would don’t need to fire the flash light during low light environment. There are a wide range of aperture from F3.5 to F22 available for use and shutter speed from B to 1/300s.

How many times we are worrying about the overexposure of the (white) face with a very dark background? It happens frequently in the native Instax Mini. And how could you get the narrow depth of field? This camera is an answer.

The ejection system is well preserved in this modified Instax camera. It is not a half-modified camera that you may encounter in the market, where the ejection system is ill-constructed. Those system usually features an ejection that you will press until the film ejected out, and manually stop the film ejection by releasing the shutter button. It can result in inaccurate film ejection, eg, half or 1/3 of an unused film has been ejected accidentally. These issues won’t be happened in this camera as it is already in a mature state.

Feel free to leave me a message if you are interested to order one !

Sample pictures

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Easter holiday trip

As a tribute to my trip, I shoot this in the nice restaurant with my family and friends still having dinner.

The sunset is too short. Hope we can do more instant pictures shooting next time.

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Now or Never Award from Lomography

My great honour to win the 2016 Now or Never photography award.

This is essentially an instant photo award. My picture depicts two trams passing quickly along the busy street in the metropolitan. Seems no one paying much attention to them and so I decide to give it a new dimension. I like the surreal feeling of the picture that it looks like the two trams are entering another world.

“The Now or Never Award asks you to share your instant snaps — those moments so precious that you couldn’t let them slip by without turning them into a frame to put on your wall, keep in your wallet, or post to a friend.” – Lomography


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Interview with Lomography on Lego Instant Camera

Recent interview with Lomography. Discussing the insider stories behind the Lego Instant Camera.


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Lego Instant Camera – A live demonstration !

The magic of Lego Instant Camera

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Family of modified instant cameras

Recently many photographers inquired about how to get a modified instant camera. This post shows part of our collection of the modified instant camera.

We do sell these cameras to passionate people, to share the magic of instant pictures! Feel free to leave me a message through this blog or instagram (cupcakeg2).

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